Scam with pictures of the famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk…

Scam with pictures of the famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk
The National Police of Ukraine opened criminal proceedings on the case of illegal movement abroad 101 works of the famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk. The fact ,that the paintings were smuggled out of the country under the pretext of organizing an exhibition of works of the artist in Spain , on his page on the social network Facebook announced the adviser Interior Minister Mikhail Ukriana Apostle . However, other information has already appeared.
As reported by Michael Apostol , the artist last summer gave his agent 101 paintings for the organization of an exhibition in the Prado Museum ( Madrid), which never took place. Judging by the information of the adviser to the minister of the Ministry of the Interior , the artist is familiar with the kidnapper for many years; the latter took an active part in the events ,dedicated to the anniversary of Ivan Marchuk , which is May 12, 2016 was 80 years old.
” Although this artist has been familiar with art for more than ten years , he came into close contact with him only the last year … 2016 – anniversary: ​​the master turned 80 years old. And , clearly , his friends tried to make the most of the date for the promotion of his work in Ukraine , and abroad “, – writes the Apostle. According to him , the date of the exhibition in the Prado has been repeatedly postponed , since September of last year , and since mid-December the ” agent” has ceased to answer the phone calls of the artist. “I responded in early January , when I felt , that the Master is advised to apply to law enforcement. On the artist ‘squestion ” Where are the pictures?” The attacker replied – “where it should be , in Spain. Do you need an exhibition or a picture? I took them through Poland and under the threat of death I will not say the address “- quotes the alleged ” art critic “Michael Apostol.
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According to the adviser to the Minister , conman misled the artist’s environment , assuring all , he – a close friend of Marchuk , and begging for money for commemorative projects. At present, the case is under the control of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov. People’s deputy Taras Kremin joined the proceedings.

Ivan Stepanovich Marchuk. Untitled