See who gets what, when, and how in American politics…


See who gets what, when, and how in American politics.

Viewing politics as a competition for resources, Politics in America examines the core foundations, institutions, behaviors, and policies of the American political system. This text encourages students to personally evaluate government’s impact by raising controversial issues, dissecting the conflicts behind them, and asking what it means for democracy. Often feisty and always stimulating, Politics in America shuns political correctness to get students engaged in a frank exploration of political power and to encourage involvement in public affairs.

MyPoliSciLab is an integral part of the Dye program. Key learning applications include MyPoliSciLab Video Series, Explorer and Simulations.

A better teaching and learning experience

This program provides a better teaching and learning experience—for you and your students. Here’s how:

  • Personalize Learning—Reach every student at each stage of learning, engage them in active rather than passive learning, and measure that learning. Refined after a decade of real-world use and compatible with learning management systems like Blackboard, the new MyPoliSciLab is a customizable digital learning experience that supports each individual student’s and educator’s success.
  • Emphasize Outcomes—Keep students focused on what they need to learn. A new design facilitates print and digital reading experiences and turns this book’s learning objectives into a clear learning path. On MyPoliSciLab, practice tests help students achieve these objectives by creating personalized study plans.
  • Engage Students—Each student is different. Reach all of them with the new MyPoliSciLab Video Series, which features this book’s authors and top political scientists discussing the big ideas in each chapter and applying them to enduring political issues.
  • Improve Critical Thinking—Students get a lot of information about politics; your challenge as an instructor is to turn them into critical consumers of that information. Using interactive data to answer political questions introduced in this book’s infographics, Explorer is a hands-on way to develop quantitative literacy and to move students beyond punditry and opinion.
  • Analyze Current Events—Prepare students for a lifetime of following political news. Both in this book and on MyPoliSciLab, coverage of the 2012 elections and more keeps politics relevant and models how to analyze development in the American political system. Get up-to-the-minute analysis on MyPoliSciLab’s blogs or reflect on a theoretical case with a simulation.
  • Support Instructors—Make more time for your students with instructor resources—Test Bank, MyTest Computerized Test Bank, Instructor’s Manual, and PowerPoint Presentation with Classroom Response System (CRS)—that offer effective learning assessments and classroom engagement.

Politics in America is unbiased in its approach yet is capable of provoking discussion as it brings out both sides of student opinion.”–Joseph Mancos, Lenoir-Rhyne UniversityReviews


“Dye and Gaddie address my need for in-depth coverage of the subject while bending over backward to be user-friendly. Their use of chapter summaries and key words are most helpful to students unfamiliar with, and sometimes disinterested in, the topic.”–Mary Carr, Arapahoe Community College


“A visually appealing, well-written introductory text that emphasizes the who, what, and how of politics.”–Will Miller, Southeast Missouri State University



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